2014 Rules and By-Laws of Mercer County Republican Central Committee (Updated April, 2016)


Section 1:

This organization shall be known and designated as the “Mercer County Republican Central Committee” as provided by the laws of the State of Illinois, and shall be recognized as the primary Republican organization in the County of Mercer, State of Illinois.

Section 2:

Its purpose shall be:

1. To promote voter registration

2. To educate Republican voters

3. To encourage able and qualified Republicans to seek office at all levels of government.

4. To encourage all registered voters to cast their election ballot for Republican candidates

5. To raise funds and support the campaigns of Republican candidates in elections

6. To provide a forum at which discussion of matters affecting government can be deliberated.

Section 3:

Endorsements: Nominations for Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Quadrennial National Nominating Convention of the Republican Party, Republican State Central Committeepersons, Representative Committeepersons, and any special or extraordinary committees or conventions shall be made by majority vote of elected Precinct Committeepersons at a duly called meeting of the Central Committee held not later than the day before the petitions or nominations for such positions close. The Mercer County Republican Central Committee encourages Republicans to seek public office; therefore, the position of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee regarding endorsements for offices in Primary Elections, expressly excluding Precinct Committeepersons, shall be made only in extraordinary situations. Said situations will only be when circumstances suggest that an announced candidate for nomination upon the Republican Ballot in a Primary Election is so lacking in character or credentials as to warrant the endorsement of another candidate or candidates by the Mercer County Republican Central Committee. In such situations, the endorsement(s) shall be made only at a duly held meeting of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee held not later than the day before petitions for nominations close and only then by a vote of 70% of the elected Precinct Committeepersons. Endorsements will never be made for Precinct Committeepersons.


Section 1:

Parliamentary authority of the Organization shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order. However, if any rule of Robert’s Rules of Order is in conflict with these Rules, these rules shall govern. If any rule is in conflict with the Statutes of the State of Illinois, such Statutes will govern. Any such Rule shall be deemed severable from the remainder of these Rules, which remainder shall retain their full force and effect.

Section 2:

The Mercer County Republican Central Committee shall hold a County Convention Organizational Meeting every two (2) years, as provided by the laws of the State of Illinois. Such election is required within thirty (30) days of the Primary Election date and is currently set by the Illinois State Board of Elections to be twenty-nine (29) days after the Primary Election.

Section 3:

Monthly meetings of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee will be held. The place and time of the next meeting will be determined prior to the adjournment of each meeting. Agendas for each meeting shall be communicated to the membership by the County Chairperson at least two days prior to the scheduled date.

Section 4:

The Executive Committee shall also meet other times as designated by the County Chairperson or upon petition of three (3) of the voting members of the Executive Committee. Notice of a Special Meeting shall be communicated to all voting members of the Executive Committee two (2) days before said meeting.


Section 1:

Each duly elected or appointed and certified Precinct Committeeperson shall be a member of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee, as well as all members of the Executive Committee and Republican elected officials of Mercer County. Appointed Precinct Committeepersons will not have voting rights unless they have been approved by a vote of the Central Committee and certified by the County Clerk. All Registered Republican voters of Mercer County in attendance may participate in deliberations, but shall have no vote in matters concerning expenditure of funds, changes or revisions of the Rules and By-Laws, or election of the Committee Chairperson.

Section 2:

Twenty percent (20%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum at the meetings of the Committee. A voice vote shall be primarily utilized to decide issues; however, when there is not a clear majority in favor of the motion as determined by the Secretary; only elected members of the Central Committee shall cast his or her weighted ballots by voice vote during a roll call vote, called by the Secretary by Township Name in alphabetical order of precincts and numerical order of the precincts within each Township. At the conclusion of the roll call the Secretary will tally the weighted votes and declare the outcome. (Weighted votes are the number of Republican Ballots cast in the latest Primary Election in the precinct of each Elected Precinct Committeeperson.)

A motion can be made to cast ballots by Paper Ballot for any issue to come before the Central Committee, including the election of officers. Such motion must be duly made and seconded prior to voting on the issue and shall be decided by the roll call vote of more than 50% utilizing weighted votes. The procedures for paper ballot are as follows:

a. A representative from each side of a contested issue or for each candidate for election shall be selected from each side or candidate to assist the Secretary with the balloting. A designated proponent from each side of a contested issue shall be entitled to monitor the entire process.

b. Once the voting has been declared closed by the Chairperson, counting of the weighted ballots shall begin immediately. Results will be determined by a majority vote of the committeepersons present weighted ballots. The counting of ballots and the results thereby shall be announced immediately. The Secretary at all times shall ensure the integrity of the ballots.

Section 3:

Each member of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee must be present in order to vote.

Section 4:

Amendments to the Rules may be made at a duly noted and convened meeting of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee, after the amendments to be considered have been either mailed or distributed by a commonly accepted electronic communication to each member at least ten (10) days before said meeting, and at least 50 percent (50%) of the duly elected or appointed Republican Precinct Committeepersons are in attendance, and the proposed amendment received more than 67 percent (67%) of the votes present and voting at said meeting.


Section 1:

The Executive Committee of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee shall consist of a County Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, whose terms of office shall be for two, (2), years, as provided by the laws of the State of Illinois. Said officers shall be elected at the County Convention as set forth in Article II, Section 2.

Section 2:

The County Chairperson shall be selected by the elected Mercer County Republican Precinct Committeepersons from among their number. All other members of the Executive Committee will be elected by the Precinct Committeepersons from any willing Republican resident of Mercer County. In addition, all members of the Executive Committee must have attended at least six monthly meetings in the twelve months prior to nomination.(deleted April, 2016)

Section 3:

Upon election of the Executive Committee, all records and property shall be promptly turned over to the appropriate newly elected members. The outgoing members shall assist in ensuring an orderly transition.

Section 4:

Vacancies for any Republican appointed or elected offices in Mercer County shall be filled in accordance with the statutes of the State of Illinois, with the exception of County Chairperson.

Section 5:

In the event the position of County Chairperson of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee becomes vacant due to death or resignation, the Vice Chairperson shall assume office for the remainder of the term.

Section 6:

Any member of the Executive Committee who does not carry out the required duties of his/her office, or misses three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board without the approval of the Chair, shall be considered to have resigned and shall be replaced.

a. An immediate notice shall be given the individual who is to be removed.

b. The vacancy should be filled within thirty (30) days.

c. Any removed member must turn over all the office’s records to the Chairperson within seventy-two (72) hours.


Section 1:

It shall be the duty of the County Chairperson to preside at all County Conventions, all Special Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and all Meetings sponsored by the Mercer County Republican Central Committee. The Chairperson shall have the duty of filling Republican ballot vacancies for general elections due to resignation, death or incapacity consistent with Illinois law. The Chairperson or Chairperson’s designated representative may represent the Mercer County Republican Central Committee at State and National Meetings and the Republican County Chairmen’s Association of Illinois Meetings and shall have the sole authority to speak publicly or act on behalf of the Committee. The Chairperson shall serve as a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee, appoint all committee chairpersons except the Nominating Committee, have the authority to appoint a Parliamentarian, a Chaplain, and a Historian, appoint a Finance committee to consist of the Chairperson, Treasurer and one individual from the general membership, and appoint an Election Committee of no less than five (5) members at the meeting prior to the County Convention. The Chairperson shall by November of each year appoint a three (3) member Auditing Committee with instructions to audit the Treasurer’s accounts and make a written report to the Executive Board no later than February 1st.

Section 2:

The Vice-Chairperson shall: perform the duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson and at such times the Chairperson requests such action during meetings, assume, as specified in Article IV, Section 5, the position of the Chairperson in case of resignation or death of the Chairperson, and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson and/or the Executive Board.

Section 3:

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all meetings, Executive, Regular, Annual and Special Meetings and be responsible for recording and presenting the minutes of all that transpires at such meetings, produce and distribute copies of the minutes of the previous meeting, perform such correspondence as requested by the Chairperson, preserve the records of the Committee’s correspondence for the past three years, maintain a yearly membership roster of officers and all members, maintain a record of the Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures,permanently maintain in separate files: minutes, By-Laws, Charters, be custodian of all-important records and papers and maintain these records for a period of three (3) years unless otherwise provided by law, and perform such other duties as the Chair and/or the Executive Board may assign.

Section 4:

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and hold all monies of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee, to keep a record of all income and disbursements and maintain these records for a period of three (3) years unless otherwise provided by law, to have the financial records in order for inspection and make a monthly written report to the Mercer County Central Committee. No petty cash fund is authorized. All cash and checks must be deposited in the checking account of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee within two (2) business days of being received. All disbursements shall require the signature of two of the following officers: the County Chairperson, the County Vice-Chairperson, or Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for all timely financial communications and filings with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Section 5:

The Executive Committee, consisting of the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall advise the County Chairperson and with the County Chairperson shall act as the governing body of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee. Each member shall have one (1) vote and a majority vote shall decide all issues. The Executive Committee at their first meeting of each calendar year will prepare a calendar of planned meetings and events and begin a tentative budget to meet anticipated expenditures. The calendar will be made available to all Precinct Committeeperson and others as determined by the Executive Committee. At any scheduled meeting any proceedings of the Executive Board shall be subject to revision or alteration by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the attending members entitled to vote, provided no irrevocable rights of third parties shall be affected by such revision or alteration.

Section 6:

There shall be three (3) Standing Committees, each with a minimum of three (3) members appointed by the Chairperson with consent of the Executive Committee; and Special Committees appointed at the discretion of the Chairperson and Executive Committee. The Committees and their duties shall be as follows:


The purpose of the election committee is to recruit qualified candidates to run for local office as Republicans in Mercer County, as well as support the re-election of qualified Republican candidates. This involves the option for the Election Committee to interview prospective candidates, including candidates for appointment to fill mid-term vacancies and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the membership regarding their qualifications. The Election Committee will only recruit candidates to run until the number of candidates equals the number of seats up for election for a given position in a single election. In the event of a competing candidacy for a single office or seat, the Election Committee will hold a special meeting with the interested candidates to determine their qualifications, with consideration given to the needs of the position and interest of the candidates in filling the position. In certain situations, consideration may be given to best overall strategy for electability. The Election Committee will have the power to set its own schedules, which will be given the widest dissemination possible.


This committee will prepare budgets for fundraising and campaign activities and audit these activities when the final report of the special committee is submitted.


The purpose of the committee is to handle all messaging for the Central Committee. The committee is responsible for preparing news releases, advertising, and procuring outlets for the message of the central committee.


The Chairperson, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, may establish and appoint such special committees as are necessary or appropriate. Whenever a Special Committee is created, its purpose and jurisdiction shall be defined in writing. Special Committees shall expire in accordance with the terms of their creation and upon making their final report to the Executive Committee.


Section 1:

If in the event this Committee wishes to formally disband or dissolve:

a. The Executive Board shall present a resolution stating the reasons for dissolution.

b. Resolutions shall also be presented which state the manner in which the assets shall be disposed of and other administrative details.

c. The resolutions must be sent by mail to all members of record.

d. Creditors with proof of claims shall be fully paid, or shall be paid an agreed upon settlement.

e. The final disposition of all remaining assets shall be assigned to the Illinois State Republican Party within a six months period.

These By-Laws of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee, having been approved by vote of the Mercer County Central Committee, rescind and replace any and all other previous By-Laws and Rules of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee.