Mercer County contested township races for April 4 election

Mercer County contested township races for April 4 election — thanks to Cala Elliott Smoldt for gathering most of this data.

Greene Township

Susan DeBlock — trustee Republican
Steve Blick — trustee Republican

Rivoli Township

Donald Fowler — road commissioner Republican incumbent
Andrew Hast – road commissioner Independent

Preemption Township

Thomas Slavish – road commissioner Democrat Incumbent
Larry Neal — road commissioner Republican

Mercer Township

Tiffany K. Newswander – assessor Democrat Incumbent
Terri VanOpdorp – assessor Independent

Mike Miller – road commissioner Independent Incumbent
Phillip Duncan – road commissioner Democrat

Perryton Township

David Lloyd – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Flint W. Price – road commissioner Independent
Andrew Lower – road commissioner Independent

North Henderson Township

Dan Cheline – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Michael J. Thompson – road commissioner Independent

Abington Township

Harvey DeKeyrel – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Fred Carlson – road commissioner Democrat

Richland Grove Township

Jeff Weber – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Luc Harkey – road commissioner Write-in


Mercer County voting locations

Mercer County voting locations:

0101 North Henderson – Floral Hall, North Henderson
0201 Rivoli – Rivoli Twp Hall, New Windsor
0301 Richland Grove 1 – Village Hall, Sherrard
0302 Richland Grove 2 – Richland Grove Twp Bldg, Swedona
0303 Richland Grove 3 – Fyre Lake Water Assoc Bldg, Fyre Lake
0401 Suez – Suez Twp Hall, Alexis
0501 Greene1 – Greene Twp Bldg, Viola
0502 Greene 2 – Old Fire Station, Viola
0601 Preemption 1 – Preemption Methodist Church, Preemption
0602 Preemption 2 – Fire Station Bldg, Matherville
0701 Ohio Grove – Sunbeam United Presb Ch, Sunbeam
0801 Mercer 1 – VFW Bldg, Aledo
0802 Mercer 2 – VFW Bldg, Aledo
0803 Mercer 3 – VFW Bldg, Aledo
0804 Mercer 4 – VFW Bldg, Aledo
0805 Mercer 5 – VFW Bldg, Aledo
0806 Mercer 6 – Mercer Twp Bldg, Aledo
0901 Perryton – Perryton Twp. Bldg., Aledo
1001 Abington – Seaton Fire Station, Seaton
1101 Millersburg – Millersburg Twp Bldg, Joy
1201 Duncan – Duncan Twp Bldg,
1301 Keithsburg – City Hall, Keithsburg
1401 New Boston – New Boston Twp Hall, New Boston
1501 Eliza – Eliza Community Center, Eliza


How can you help the Mercer County Republican candidates?

What can we do between now and November 4 to help Mercer County Republican candidates?

1. Get yard signs for your property.

2. Make sure you and your family and friends are registered to vote and that the Mercer County Courthouse has your current address.

3. Help your precinct committeeman distribute candidate literature (grab bags) to all homes in your precinct.

4. Donate money for printing candidate literature.

5. Walk in the parades with your favorite candidate and attend candidate events.

6. Help assemble grab bags.


Are you registered to vote for the November 4 election?

If you aren’t sure you’re register to vote, you can go to this website, fill in your name and zip code, and you can see if you are registered to vote. You can check to see whether your friends, family and neighbors are registered to vote, too. If they’re not, help them get registered in time to vote.

We will post all the voting deadlines on our web site’s calendar.