Mark Kleine has withdrawn from the 17th District congressional race

Republican Mark Kleine has withdrawn from the 17th District congressional race, complaining to county Republican officials about the business of today’s political campaigns.

Kleine, a Galesburg businessman, submitted his withdrawal, dated Jan. 9, to the State Board of Elections on Tuesday. He asked that his name not be printed on the March 20 primary ballot.

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Election/Campaign Dates to Remember

March 20, 2018 – Primary election

March 27 — PETITION CIRCULATION — First day to circulate nomination papers (must include original sheets signed by voters and circulators) for independent candidates and new political party candidates who file June 18 – 25, 2018

April 18 — Illinois County Conventions — Each established political party shall hold a county convention at its respective county. NOTE: Precinct committeemen begin their terms as deputy registrars on the date of the county convention.

April 30 — LIST OF PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN — Last day for the chairman of each county central committee to forward to the State Board of Elections the names and addresses of its officers and precinct committeemen.

May 21 — Last day for the election authority to provide to each county chairman or his representative a precinct list prepared for the 2016 General Primary Election which has been marked to indicate which party’s ballot each voter requested.

May 5 — Viola Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast

May ? — Aledo Memorial Day Parade

June 1-2 — Aledo Rhubarb Festival

June 4 — Last day for established party managing committee (legislative and representative) to appoint someone to fill a vacancy when no candidate was nominated at the General Primary Election (slating a candidate).

June 11 — OBJECTIONS TO VACANCIES IN NOMINATION — Last day to file objections to nomination papers of all candidates who filled vacancies when no candidate was nominated at the General Primary Election.

June ? — Joy Fest Parade and Booth

June 18-25 — NEW PARTY AND INDEPENDENT FILING — First and last day for independent and new party candidates to file original nomination papers (must contain original sheets signed by voters and circulators).

July 2 — OBJECTIONS TO NOMINATION PAPERS — Last day for filing objections to the nomination papers of all candidates who filed during the June 18 – 25, 2018 filing period.

July 9-14 — Mercer County Fair Booth

July ? — Sherrard Fish Fry Booth

August 16-18 — New Windsor Rodeo Booth and Parade

August 25 — Aledo Antique Days & Knuckle Buster Car Show

August 25 — New Boston Fish Fry Parade and Booth

September ? — Sherrard Homecoming Parade

September ? — Alexis Fall Parade

October ? — Mercer County Homecoming Parade

November 6 – General election


Mercer County Republicans at the fair



Jay Doherty (Mercer County Republican Chair) and Josh Frieden (Mercer County Board candidate)


Dan Hare (Mercer County Board candidate) and Mark Bieri (Mercer County Board member)


Dena Hawn (Mercer County Board candidate) and Brooke Ryner of Alexis



Watermelon Feast on Republican Day


Drawing the raffle winners


Concerning the proposed Mercer County Animal Control Ordinance

The Mercer County Board is creating a new Mercer County Animal Control Ordinance. The county currently only has a Rabies Control Ordinance, which is outdated.

The Animal Control Board has been working on this new ordinance for over six months. It has gone through four revisions with the input of all stakeholders. The Animal Control Board has now approved this new ordinance and it will go before the full Mercer County Board on July 5 for approval. The ordinance is currently out for public viewing and can be seen at the court house in the county board room. In addition, there will be a public hearing on June 22 at 5:30 PM at the county highway department building.

One part of the new ordinance is that cats will now need to have a rabies vaccination, and owners will pay an annual county registration fee. Numerous municipalities that contract with Mercer County have asked for help with their cat problems, which is why cat registration is included in the new ordinance.

There is nothing in this proposed Mercer County Animal Control Ordinance about registering feral cats. State law doesn’t allow it. The new ordinance only requires registration and rabies vaccination for dogs and cats which are pets — those dogs and cats for which you claim ownership.

Illinois Statutes (510 ILCS 5/2.11b)
Sec. 2.11b. “Feral cat” means a cat that (i) is born in the wild or is the offspring of an owned or feral cat and is not socialized, (ii) is a formerly owned cat that has been abandoned and is no longer socialized, or (iii) lives on a farm.

The main income stream for the Mercer County Animal Control Department is registration, not property tax levy. Since Animal Control now spends more time dealing with cats than dogs, there is a need for registering and vaccinating cats in addition to dogs. When cats are taken in, they are given rabies shots and spayed or neutered if deemed adoptable. The cat registration fee in the proposed Mercer County Animal Control Ordinance is half of what it is for dogs.


Senator Weaver in Aledo This Week

State Senator Chuck Weaver hosted a town hall meeting in Mercer County on Thursday.  The forum was held at the Aledo Fire Station and was well attended. Senator Weaver spoke about the legislative session and the state budget, reforms to state government, and other important issues impacting the 37th Senate District.



2016 Mercer County Republican Convention

Jay Doherty, the newly elected Chairman of the Mercer County Republican Central Committee, welcomes every Republican, new or veteran, to experience the friendliness, respectfulness, and harmony of our monthly meetings.

Eighteen of the twenty elected Precinct Committeepersons were able to attend the County Convention on Wednesday night and vote on the new officers.

Each of the Central Committee officers was elected unanimously:

Jay Doherty – Chair
Linda Sarabasa – Vice-Chair
Laurie Bluedorn – Secretary
Joe Vann – Treasurer

A slate of five delegates and three alternates was also chosen unanimously for the Illinois Republican State Convention on May 19-21 in Peoria.


Mercer County Primary Results and Statistics

2012 vs. 2016 Stats

Democrat Ballots Cast — 1455 vs. 1881
Republican Ballots Cast — 2110 vs. 2699
Total Votes Cast — 3896 vs. 4580
Registered Voters — 11,730 vs. 11,721
Voter Turnout — 33.21% vs. 39.08%

2016 Primary Results Democrat

Hillary Clinton (President) — 946
Bernie Sanders (President) — 859
Tammy Duckworth (U.S. Senate) — 936
Cheri Bustos (U.S. Congress) — 1691
Bill Butts (State Representative) — 1493
Kristin Relander (Circuit Clerk) — 1616
Meeghan Lee (States Attorney) — 1220
Dorothy Hutt (Coroner) — 1617
Gary Gregg (County Board 2) — 343
Mary Kay Carlson (County Board 5) — 376

2016 Primary Results Republican

Ted Cruz (President) — 1073
Donald Trump (President) — 920
John Katich (President) — 412
Marco Rubio (President) — 196
Mark Kirk (U.S. Senate) — 1614
Patrick Harlan (U.S. Congress) — 1687
Daniel Swanson (State Representative) — 1086
Kendra Leon (Circuit Clerk) — 2052
Greg Larson (Coroner) — 2102
Danny Hare (County Board 2) — 401


News for voters in Rivoli, Richland Grove 1, and Mercer 2 Precincts

If you live in Rivoli, Richland Grove 1, or Mercer 2 Precinct, please consider writing in your candidate for precinct committeeman. These candidates WILL NOT appear on your ballot. You must write in the name and fill in the circle.

Write In Flyer - James Young

Write In Flyer - Jon Gochee

Write In Flyer - Linda Sarabasa



Want to help your candidates without spending a dime? Here’s how: As you drive about the county and see campaign signs that have blown down, simply stop and reset them! The high winds are playing havoc today!


Wayne Saline — candidate for retiring Don Moffitt’s position as Illinois State Representative

Wayne Saline is one of three candidates on the March 15 Illinois Republican Primary ballot to replace retiring Don Moffitt, State Representative 74th District (Knox, Mercer, Henry, Bureau and Lee Counties).


For three generations the Saline family has been farming just outside of Rio. Wayne Saline oversees day to day operations of the family farm and co-owns APEX Pork. As a co-owner of a pork production facility, Wayne was on the Pork Producers board for six years.

Wayne and his wife Barbara were both born and raised in the 74th district. When it was time for them to have a family, they chose to remain here. Wayne and Barb have been a part of the Rio Volunteer Fire Department with Wayne being the Chief for twelve years.

Service is a trait that marks Wayne’s entry into politics. When asked to run for Knox County Board, he chose to answer the call. Wayne served diligently for eleven years and was Chairman of the Finance Committee for eight of those years. During his time as Finance Chairman, Knox County stopped borrowing money and had balanced budgets. Wayne was also Chief Negotiator for the County. While he held that position, he negotiated contracts that kept jobs while being fiscally responsible.

During his time with the Knox County Board, Wayne was asked to be Treasurer of the Knox County Republican Central Committee. Upon election, he had to work with the State Board of Elections to correct financial errors in the Knox County GOP accounts. Later, he was elected as Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party.

Wayne is running to be your representative because he understands the issues facing our district. He is ready and has experience in the areas affecting the health of Illinois. What you will get with Wayne as your representative is accessible, effective leadership.

If you’d like to help with the Wayne Saline campaign, there are plenty of opportunities this month. Wayne needs people to help distribute campaign literature, sponsor a Meet & Greet, put up yard signs and larger 4X4 signs, and donate to the campaign. Contact Wayne or Barb Saline at wsaline@otelmail.com or through their web site or Facebook page.

Here is Wayne’s Mercer County January schedule:

January 23, 9-11am
Fire Station, Joy
Meet & Greet sponsored by Audrey Bryant

January 26, 1-2pm
Town and Country Restaurant, Aledo
Meet & Greet sponsored by Mark Baker

January 28, 7-8pm
Mercer County Republicans Headquarters, Aledo
Meet & Greet

January 31, 11am
Eagles Nest, Keithsburg
Meet & Greet

February 12, 6-8pm
Iron Spike, Galesburg (upstairs banquet room)

Knoxville, IL
Three candidates will debate.