This is why Staley and Henderson won’t debate George Howard

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Now you know why they’re afraid to debate George Howard.

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More Mercer County on TV — George Howard for Sheriff

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Mercer County is on TV — George Howard for Sheriff

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A Million More Dollars!


This is Mark Bieri, candidate for Mercer County Board, District 5

The Illinois Department of Corrections recently recommended 16 more jailers. A board member is recommending an additional 4 more dispatchers. This all would cost nearly a million dollars per year.

Will there ever be an end of additional costs to this jail — costs to house prisoners from outside jurisdictions? Who, exactly, benefits from this? I can tell you that it’s not Mercer County.

We literally cannot afford another two years of this and other policies like it. They will soon bankrupt Mercer County.

I ask you, the voters of Mercer County, to give me and my fellow Republican board candidates a chance to turn this around.

Paid for by the Mercer County Republican Central Committee.

Brian Anseeuw

Brian Anseeuw faces Democrat challenger Dan Sedwick

Excerpt from Argus interview of Mercer County Board District 2 Candidates

All five Mercer County Board districts have contests this year. The following is one of a series featuring candidates answering questions posed by The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus.

In District 2, Republican incumbent Brian Anseeuw, of New Windsor, faces Democratic challenger Dan Sedwick, of New Windsor.

Question: Does the county need to hire an administrator?

Brian Anseeuw: A county administrator is crucial. They will not cost us money. It will save us money. But I don’t agree with hiring someone’s friend or family member. The administrator must be legitimate. Someone who may be just starting in their public administration career. That will give us 110 percent.

Dan Sedwick: The short answer is, of course, no. The county doesn’t need to hire an administrator. This, however, is an idea which deserves consideration. The contention is that an administrator will pay for her/himself with increased efficiency and revenue. If this can be supported with hard data, rather than conjecture or wishful thinking, then it should be discussed and considered.

Question: Are you satisfied that all the necessary procedural changes have been made in the treasurer’s office?

Anseeuw: The changes in the treasurer’s office should have taken place when they were recommended by the auditors, not over a year later when we confronted the treasurer’s office about the changes.

Sedwick: At the August meeting, the board was presented with a list of 51 of 56 recommended procedural changes, which already were in place. This, I believe, is a remarkable achievement by the acting treasurer in less than a year. I am satisfied that most of the changes have been made. To continue the improvement, the remainder must be considered.

Question: Should the Public Building Commission be abolished?

Anseeuw: Easy question — did you get to vote on the million dollar jail expansion? No! The building commission now has plans for a $1.5 million courthouse remodel. Do you think you’ll get a vote for that? No! The building commission is rare in Illinois and we need to dissolve it immediately.

Sedwick: I know of no reason why it should. However, I am open to a reasonable and rational discussion of its merits.


A Sheriff’s Pledge


The sheriff is the chief peace officer in the land – the only peace officer who is directly elected by and therefore directly answerable to the people. The duty of the peace officer is to protect and serve; to uphold and defend.

If elected Sheriff of Mercer County, I pledge:

1. To Protect the People’s Lives

I will put into operation county wide patrols.
I will personally ride on patrol.
I will always be on call for duty, not an 8-to-5 daily office job.
I will encourage interagency cooperation with city police and with other jurisdictions.
I will keep the community safe from sex and drug offenders.
I will keep the community safe from scams.

2. To Serve the People’s Interests

I will render the department transparent and accountable in all activities and operations.
I will be accessible to the citizens.
I will listen to the community on law prevention decisions.
I will maintain efficient management of the department budget – no skimping, no bloating.
I will implement a plan to keep the jail from being a burden to the tax payer.

3. To Uphold the People’s Laws

I will enforce the law fairly – even-handedly, not prejudicially.
I will enforce the law impartially – playing no favorites.
I will enforce the law effectively – diligently investigating and bringing to justice criminals who threaten the people’s safety.

4. To Defend the People’s Rights

I will make certain that deputies are trained to keep the peace – that is, maintain public safety and peaceful order.
I will make certain that deputies are trained how to defuse and circumvent needless confrontations.
I will make certain that deputies are trained how to respect and protect everyone’s life, rights, liberties, freedoms, and privileges while fulfilling their duties.
I will make certain that the operations of the sheriff’s department do not become militarized.


Howard wonders why Staley won’t let Mercer County know

What is Dave Staley’s position on the many issues facing Mercer County residents today? How does Dave Staley intend to run the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department?