Robert “Jay” Doherty — Candidate for the office of Mercer County Clerk

Robert “Jay” Doherty — Candidate for the office of Mercer County Clerk on the Republican Primary Ballot, March 20, 2018

With the full support of my wife and family, and after much deliberation, I have resolved to seek the office of Mercer County Clerk.

I have many years of experience in management and organization, and my six years on the Aledo City Council have given me experience working with municipal budgets and elections.

With my deep Mercer County roots and positive attitude, I believe I will serve the citizens of this county well.

I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know more of you as I campaign over the next several months.

I ask for your support in the primary election on March 20, 2018.

Robert “Jay” Doherty


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Mercer County Republicans 2017 Fair Raffle

Dear Mercer County Republicans,

In order to again elect conservative candidates in Mercer County in 2018, we need your help to raise funds. In 2014 and again in 2016, Mercer County Republicans swept the county board contested races — all seats on the board are now held by Republicans. In 2018, five of these county board positions are up for re-election. As you did in 2014 and 2016, please help us fill these positions with liberty-minded Republicans.

Let’s continue to elect candidates who care about getting the county out of debt, will not raise taxes, and will keep local government accountable to the citizens.

To purchase a $20 raffle ticket for the July 14, 2017 Mercer County Fair Raffle (only 200 sold), contact your precinct committeeman.

Thank you for your continued support for accountability and liberty.



Mercer County contested township races for April 4 election

Mercer County contested township races for April 4 election — thanks to Cala Elliott Smoldt for gathering most of this data.

Greene Township

Susan DeBlock — trustee Republican
Steve Blick — trustee Republican

Rivoli Township

Donald Fowler — road commissioner Republican incumbent
Andrew Hast – road commissioner Independent

Preemption Township

Thomas Slavish – road commissioner Democrat Incumbent
Larry Neal — road commissioner Republican

Mercer Township

Tiffany K. Newswander – assessor Democrat Incumbent
Terri VanOpdorp – assessor Independent

Mike Miller – road commissioner Independent Incumbent
Phillip Duncan – road commissioner Democrat

Perryton Township

David Lloyd – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Flint W. Price – road commissioner Independent
Andrew Lower – road commissioner Independent

North Henderson Township

Dan Cheline – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Michael J. Thompson – road commissioner Independent

Abington Township

Harvey DeKeyrel – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Fred Carlson – road commissioner Democrat

Richland Grove Township

Jeff Weber – road commissioner Republican Incumbent
Luc Harkey – road commissioner Write-in


Mercer County Republicans wish to thank everyone

The Mercer County Republicans wish to thank everyone for the overwhelming support which we received in this last election.

Congratulations to our first Republican coroner in over 40 years — Greg Larson. Also congratulations are in order for our new Mercer County Board members, Josh Frieden (New Boston), Dena Hawn (Keithsburg), Carlos Sarabasa (Aledo), Dan Hare (Viola) and Ronald Fullerlove (Sherrard).

I want to give kudos to both parties for not running any negative ads. There was a great amount of slander all around us. It was refreshing to not see any of that in Mercer County.

Our mission of restoring the county to fiscal responsibility, searching for economic opportunities and making this a better place for our children has not changed. These hard working, honest and professional candidates that you have just elected look forward to this challenge. We will endeavor to recruit more individuals like this in the future.

Once again, thanks for your trust and support.

Jay Doherty
Mercer County Republican Chairman


Times and Places for the December 6, 2016 Mercer County Republican Township Caucuses

6PM at the Seaton Community Center

6:30PM at the Duncan Township Building

7PM at the Eliza Community Center

7PM at the Viola Community Center

6:30PM at the Keithsburg City Hall

6PM at the Mercer Township Building

6PM at the Millersburg Township Building

New Boston
6:30PM at the New Boston Township Building

North Henderson
6PM at Floral Hall on Main Street

Ohio Grove
6PM at Sunbeam Church

7PM at the Perryton Township Building

6PM at the Preemption Township Building

Richland Grove
7PM at the Richland Grove Township Building

7PM at the Rivoli Township Building

6:30PM at the Suez Township Building


Carlos Sarabasa for Mercer County Board District 5

Carlos Sarabasa lives in Aledo and has been married to Linda for 22 years. Their daughter Sophie is a senior at Mercer County High School. Carlos has worked in telecommunications/electrical engineering for the past 30 years and currently is an electrician at Tri City Electric.

In his spare time, he enjoys antiquing with his wife, exercising at the Aledo YMCA, skiing, fishing, hunting, and tinkering on his muscle car, a 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS.

He is a member of the IBEW, the National Fire Protection Association, Knuckle Busters Car Club, Good Guys Car Club, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, the NRA, and is on the board of directors for the Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center.

By serving on the Mercer County Board, Carlos Sarabasa hopes to contribute his part in moving the county in a positive direction of fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and increased economic development.



Ronald Fullerlove for Mercer County Board District 3

Ronald Fullerlove is a long-time resident of Sherrard and has been married to Georgette for 42 years. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Ron worked in the finance industry for over 30 years and is past Chairman and current member of the Board of Governors, Children’s Dyslexic Learning Center for Children, Moline.

Over the past several years, Ron has served Mercer County residents in numerous capacities — county board, board of review, and treasurer. If you elect him to the Mercer County Board, he hopes to contribute his part in continuing to move the county in a positive direction of fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and increased economic development.



Danny Hare for Mercer County Board District 2

Danny Hare was born and raised in Galesburg, Illinois. He graduated from Galesburg High School and from the University of Illinois with a degree in civil engineering. On February 9, 1957, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. He was married at the beginning of his sophomore year in college, and he and his wife worked their way through college with both of them obtaining a degree. His first job out of college was with the Knox County Highway Department. Later, his career included working with a consulting engineering firm, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the California Department of Water Resources. His longest employment was with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Rock Island where he retired as chief of the maintenance branch. He supervised a unit with 5 engineers and 50 construction workers whose mission was to maintain the Mississippi waterway with its locks and dams. He managed a budget of $7 million each year.

His family has lived at his present address in Viola since 1968. His three children, Cynthia, Kenneth and Charles, attended Winola High School. He and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 18, 2003. The Lord took his wife in March, 2004.

Danny hopes, on the Mercer County Board, to represent his friends and neighbors and the good people in the Viola community whom he knows and loves.



Dena Hawn for Mercer County Board District 1

Dena Hawn is a life-long resident of Keithsburg, having grown up in the home of his parents, Don (deceased) and Iris Hawn, and graduated from Westmer High School in 1980. Dena has farmed his whole life. He married Becky in 1988, and together they have three children: Lynnae (who recently graduated from DePaul) and twins Anna and Damon. Dena likes spending time with his family and is an active member of Grace Evangelical Free Church in Aledo. He is a member of the NRA, and he enjoys riding motorcycle.

Dena Hawn wants to contribute his part in moving Mercer County in the positive direction of fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and increased economic development.



Josh Frieden for Mercer County Board District 4

Josh Frieden has lived in the New Boston-Eliza area all his life, graduating from Westmer High School in 1998. He and his wife Kelly have three daughters, Aubrey, Anna, and Ayla. Josh manages Keith Frieden Excavating with his parents Bill and Traci Frieden and also owns a small commercial cattle herd. In January of this year Josh became the pastor of Faith Chapel Church.

By serving on the Mercer County Board, Josh hopes to contribute his part in moving the county in a positive direction of fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and increased economic development.